She’s great at listening to questions and giving individual attention during a class. So I would say she is a thoughtful and attentive teacher. I also felt that the material I learned from her had parts to contemplate and apply to my dance overall, not just the specifics.

Teresa Gregory

In my first workshops with Serena Ramzy, her teaching was so clear that I took away a wealth of knowledge and material with me. When the opportunity arose to study with Serena on a one-to-one basis, I took it without hesitation. Serena guided me through a challenging period in my dance development when I felt very “stuck”. Serena encouraged me to draw on my extensive training in other dancing and harness their techniques to evolve my individual style. She opened up a new world of bellydance technique, musical and cultural knowledge to me. During my time with her, I embraced the opportunity to become a full time bellydance professional teacher and performer. 10 years on and I am now hosting Serena for workshops and still very proud to call her my Master Teacher. []

Rachel Bennett